AnimalPerspectives.Com is a website that strives to provide reliable information about wildlife — nature is for everyone!

Hi! I’m Orietta. The creator of Animal Perspectives.

I own and produce all of the content on AnimalPerspectives.Com. I am also the author of the self-published ebook “The 15-Minute Birder“.

AnimalPerspectives.Com is a website that I created with the intention to provide reliable information about the environment, nature, and birding.

Bird watching is for everyone regardless of prior knowledge, age, ability, or resources. I have two goals at Animal Perspectives:

  1. Share the joy of birding with everyone especially those in underrepresented communities. 
  2. Share information and details critical to bird conservation.

I believe that everyone should be a birder, and it’s my mission to bring everyone I meet to the bird-side of life! It’s awesome over here!

Here — on the bird-side of life — it’s all about the birds, and for a good reason! Bird watching has carried me through the most difficult times in my life, and for that, I owe them. That’s why I’ve made birds my business.

I’ve just published my 2000th blog post, so stay tuned!

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