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3 Bird-Art Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Love birds? I love birds. Love art? I love art. Have an Instagram account? I have an Instagram account and these are 3 bird-art accounts that I follow on IG.

I have purchased work from two of the three, and the other I tried to purchase work from, but somehow my emails went unanswered — such is the life of an artist (?) I suppose.

#1 Animal Facts Club

Animal Facts Club is an Austin based artists collective that created a public educational program about, well, animals. I have purchased a couple of prints from one of the artists, Jules Buck Jones and I am proud to a couple of artists in this collective friends! You can check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

#2 Art Magenta

My emails went unanswered, so what — this artist is amazing. Ulf has created works of more than 500 species. Each piece is typically of a solitary bird in a watercolor-wash illustration style. I have been following this artist for close to two-years nows. I still have hopes of owning a print! Follow Birds by Art Magenta on Facebook and on Instagram.

#3 Art of Birdology

Kaleigh Chalkowski is the artist behind the Art of Birdology IG account and the Ecology Illustrated Facebook page.I purchased a print from her a few months ago and it’s one of my favorite pieces that I own to date. Her work is modern and subject matter raw and wild just like the birds she illustrates. Have a look for yourself.

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Featured Image: “Study of a Dead Bird” by John Singer Sargent.