NPS Twitter Accounts, Others, Resist


Amid mounting frustration over the Trump administration’s directive for the National Park Service to cease its Twitter account activity, several U.S. government accounts have gone—for lack of a better word—rogue.

Several unofficial Twitter accounts have sprouted up in support of the government agencies impacted by the new administration:

Some organizations, such as the Audubon Society, have tweeted support:

It all began when a Badlands National Park employee tweeted off a series of facts about climate change :


The tweets were removed and replaced with an apology:

Other official NPS accounts remained defiant:

In a separate, but related story,  MSNBC reported that the Environmental Protection Agency’s data, science, webpages, etc. are all subject to review under the Trump administration.

It is unclear what will happen to the information that is unapproved for the public under the new administration’s censorship guidelines, what those guidelines are, or will include.

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