Quick Reads: 3 (More) Nature Books for the Young Ones

Here are three books that young readers (all readers, really) will enjoy. Don’t forget to read *3 books* for more reviews of nature books for young readers.

#1 Young Birder’s Guide

Peterson Field Guides: The Young Birder’s Guide to Birds of North America
Age Group: All
Author: Bill Thompson III
Link to Product:
ISBN: 978-0-547-44021-7
Summary: This is an excellent guide for birders of all ages. The title states “young”, but I consider this to be a useful beginner’s guide. The guide provides clear photographs for help with identifying field marks and the “Wow” sections on each species page contain interesting tidbits of information. It also provides an easy checklist for birders at the bottom of each page.

#2 Pardon Me!

Pardon Me!
Age Group: 3-6
Author: Daniel Miyares
Link to Product:
ISBN: 978-1-4424-8997-4
Summary: This is a cute story about a grumpy little bird that does care to share his perch. Deciding that enough is enough, he shoos everyone away, just in time to realize that his perch is not what he thought it to be. Pardon Me! is filled with beautiful, colorful illustrations and is an adorable quick read to be enjoyed over and over.

#3 A Children’s Guide to Arctic Birds

A Children’s Guide to Arctic Birds
Age Group: 6-10
Author: Mia Pelletier
Link to Product:
ISBN: 978-1-9-927095-67-6
Summary: The illustrations in A Children’s Guide to Arctic Birds are very, very cool. The design of the book and the structure of information provided makes for brief, yet thorough, descriptions of common arctic birds. What’s most exciting about this book is that some of the species featured are species that migrate to the lower 48, which means that there are opportunities to see these birds in the wild.

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