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Review: Three Short Bird-Related Videos to Watch on Amazon Prime

Red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis). Photo Credit: Orietta Estrada

Searching for something to watch can take as much time as actually watching something. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Here are three short (less than 50 minutes) videos that are worth watching on Amazon Prime.

#1. “Birds of the Backyard: Spring in to Summer”

Birds of the Backyard: Spring in to Summer” (1996) is a short 30 minute film about ways to attract wild birds to your garden (in North America). It’s easy to follow, offers a lot of great footage of wild birds, and some information about common backyard birds.

It stars George Harrison (not the Beatle), who was the long-time bird expert for Birds and Bloom Magazine.

Watch on Amazon:

#2. “Feathered Friends”

Feathered Friends” Canadian Wildlife Production/Vladimer Mujiri

The footage in this short 45 minute video is awesome. Videographer Leon Lorenz captures birds throughout the four seasons in different parts of Canada. The footage is accompanied by bird song and is great for learning how to identify birds. You’ll also get an up close look at bird banding, the impressive ruffed grouse mating display, and raptors.

Watch on Amazon:

#3. “Return of the Raptors”

Return of the Raptors” (2013) Fisher Klingenstein Films/Bo Landin

This 45 minute film focuses on the success of breeding programs (in Scandinavia) that have helped raptors recover from the side-effects of industrial progress (e.g., the use of industrial chemicals, clear-cutting forests, etc.).

The film also sheds light on the importance of protecting birds of prey from the dark-side of falconry — greed. Poachers steal young birds and/or eggs out of nests and raise, or sell the birds for profit. **This is just one aspect of falconry**

There is valuable information in this documentary on the history of raptors in Western society, and there’s incredible footage of raptors on the hunt and feeding their young. There’s also great footage of eagle owls.

Watch on Amazon:

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