Quick Reads: 3 Nature Books for the Young Ones

Here’s a quick read about 3 quick reads that will pique the interest of almost any kid (and parent) — time to get your library card out!

#1 Eagles

Age Group: 3+
Author: Tim Harris
Link to Product:
ISBN: 978-0-7172-6222-9
Summary: From habitat to anatomy, this non-fiction book covers basic facts about eagles in general. Some of the details might be a little upsetting to the younger readers, around the 3-year-old group, but parents can pick and choose the facts that are read aloud. (The high quality photographs will make up for it.) This book might be tough to find in a bookstore (link to Amazon above), so check your local library (ISBN above).

#2 Just a Duck?

Just a Duck?
Age group: 2-4
Author: Carin Bramsen
Link to Product:
ISBN: 978-0-375-97344-4
Summary: This cute, fictitious story is about an interspecific relationship between a cat and a duckling. The duckling wants to be cat when it grows up, but soon realizes that it’s “just a duck” — just a duck that saves the day! In Just a Duck? the odd couple celebrate their differences.

#3 Vultures

Age group: Parental Discretion
Author: Sandra Markle
Link to Product:
ISBN: 978-0-375-97344-4
Summary: Parent’s be forewarned, there’s a lot of blood and guts in this book, but for good reason! Vultures are scavengers and are an important part of an ecosystem — think of them as nature’s cleaners — they clean up some of nature’s nastiest messes. The photographs in this book will introduce your young reader (and you) to different species of vulture. Some images are higher quality than others — again, beware there’s a lot of descriptive gore. This book might be tough to find in a bookstore (link to Amazon above), so check your local library (ISBN above).

What’s on your family bookshelf?

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